Tributes to gun massacre victims

Left to right, Alison Turnbull, Laura Turnbull and Susan McGoldrick
Left to right, Alison Turnbull, Laura Turnbull and Susan McGoldrick

HEARTFELT tributes have been made from the families of the loved-ones killed in the New Year’s Day massacre.

Michael Atheron and Susan McGoldrick’s son, also called Michael said on behalf of himself and his sister Laura McGoldrick: “We are truly devastated. Me and my sister have lost the best mother in the world.

“We don’t understand why my dad would do anything like this as he was such a good man. At the end of the day we have lost four loved family members and we hope they are all at peace now.”

The family of Susan McGoldrick, her sister Alison Turnbull and her niece Tanya Turnbull have paid tribute to their three family members who tragically died in the shootings in Greenside Avenue, Horden.

They said: “We as a family would like to take this opportunity to express our devastation at the loss we have suffered following the tragic events of Sunday evening and would like to pay individual tributes to each of our much-loved family members whom we have lost.

“Susan was a much-loved sister, who was adored by both family and friends. She was particularly close to her sisters and loved spending time with them. She was so caring and all that mattered to her was her family. We are shocked and shattered by what’s happened. Susan loved her job in a local supermarket where she was held in high regard; she was very easy going and was always laughing and joking.

“Alison was a fantastic mother, sister and partner who was always there for her family and friends when we needed her. She was a fantastic mam to her son Bobby and daughter Tanya, always so caring and loving. Alison worked locally in Peterlee and loved nothing more than spending time with her family and loved ones. We are destroyed by the loss of Alison and struggling to come to terms with her death.

“Tanya was the most amazing daughter, partner and sister you could ever wish for. She was a popular, funny and a gorgeous girl with her whole life ahead of her, and we idolised her. Tanya and her boyfriend Michael were in the process of preparing for their life together and had plans to buy their first home. It was an exciting time for Tanya and she was always smiling and happy. This horrific loss is still sinking in and, as we are sure you can appreciate, we are devastated to lose Tanya in such tragic circumstances.

“We would also like to offer our heartfelt condolences to young Michael and Laura, who we know will be devastated by their loss.

“It’s extremely important to us as a family that we are left in peace to grieve our loss and begin to recover from this. We would ask that the media respect our privacy and that we be left alone to comfort one another and attempt to come to terms with our devastating loss.”

Atherton’s parents Peter and Christine said: “We and our whole family want to express our sympathies to the families of Susan, Alison and Tanya. Although we loved Michael we are sorry for his actions and don’t understand why he did what he did. We dearly loved Susan as a daughter for over 20 years and are devastated by the loss.”