Tributes to Hartlepool’s oldest woman, Violet Muers, who died aged 106

106 year old Violet Muers celebrates with family and friends
106 year old Violet Muers celebrates with family and friends

TRIBUTES have been paid to Hartlepool’s oldest woman who has passed away aged 106.

Violet Muers was today hailed as “a remarkable lady” with a happy character.

106 year old Violet Muers.

106 year old Violet Muers.

Her daughter Mary Bishop, 78, said: “She loved her family, she had a lot of friends and people loved visiting her because she was so interesting. She was always wanting to help people. She would do anything for anyone.”

Violet, who lived independently until she was 105, witnessed some of Hartlepool’s most momentous events.

She was seven years old when Hartlepool was shelled by the German Navy in December 1914. Even in her later years, she clearly recalled the bombardment and also remembered the day that a Zeppelin airship was shot down over Hartlepool.

Violet – a mother of six daughters, a grandmother of 15, great grandmother of 36 and great great grandmother of five children, with two more on the way – was believed to be one of the oldest people in the North-East.

She celebrated her 106th birthday with her family last month at the Skyy Lounge in Avenue Road, Hartlepool, and Mary recalled: “She had a birthday party each year since she was 80 and we all looked forward to it. She was remarkable and a lovely lady.”

Her memory was so good she was recently interviewed about her recollections of the bombardment by Jeremy Paxman for a programme about the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

She was born on October 4, 1907, and spent her early years living in the town’s Hope Street.

Violet, nee Gustavson, married Harry, a rail worker, when she was 21 and they spent many happy years together until he died in 1981, aged 80.

The couple had six daughters, Lilly Allen, 84, Mary, 78, Norma Bage, 74, Violet Jeffreys, Eileen Wilkinson, 68, and Jean Brownlee. Jean died when she was just 47 and Violet passed away two years ago aged 70.

Tributes also came from Margaret Spence, the service manager at the Charlotte Grange Care Home where Violet spent her last months. Margaret said: “She was a very respected lady. She loved to shimmy shimmy at the armchair aerobics. That was Violet.”

Violet passed away on November 4. Her funeral service will be held on Thursday, November 14 ,at St Teresa’s Church in, Hartlepool.