Trio to shave off locks after being inspired by terminally-ill Hartlepool mum

Suzanne Hamilton (right) set to cut the hair of (left to right) Gemma Hann (family friend) and daughters Julie Brazell (centre) and Danielle Hamilton
Suzanne Hamilton (right) set to cut the hair of (left to right) Gemma Hann (family friend) and daughters Julie Brazell (centre) and Danielle Hamilton

TWO sisters and their friend are getting their locks shaved off for charity – after being inspired by their terminally-ill mum.

Hartlepool woman Suzanne Hamilton found a lump in her breast two years ago and tests confirmed she had breast 

She thought her health ordeal was over after having it removed and undergoing chemotherapy and radium treatment.

But just months later, she noticed she was limping when she walked.

Tragically, Suzanne’s world fell apart when tests revealed the cancer had spread to the bones in her neck, pelvis and hips and medics said there was nothing they could do for her.

Suzanne, 53, from the Rift House area, said: “The first diagnosis I felt like I was walking around in a bubble.

“When the doctors told me the second time round it was terminal, I got up and said ‘ok’.

“I came home and it played on me.

“I got home and phoned the doctor and asked him how long I have.

“He said ‘I don’t have a crystal ball’.

“We all just sat and cried.”

Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and was sent for a mammogram and a biopsy.

Within a week she received a letter saying she had malignant cancer and her doctor booked her in for a 

She had radium treatment and chemotherapy and appeared to be over the worst.

But in July last year, Suzanne was dealt a devastating blow when medics revealed the cancer was back and it was terminal.

Suzanne’s daughters, Julie Brazell, 30 and Danielle Hamilton, 22, and their friend Gemma Hann, 26, have been so moved by Suzanne’s ordeal, they want to help other sufferers.

The trio will have their heads shaved at The Little Hair Boutique in Greatham this Saturday.

They want their hair to be used to make wigs for youngsters and also to raise money for the Newcastle-based children’s cancer charity, Sara’s Hope Foundation.

Suzanne, who is also mum to Melissa Brazell, 34, David Brazell, 32, Michael Hamilton, 30, Toni Hamilton, 29, who has mental and physical disabilities, and Cassandra Hamilton, 24, said her ordeal had “opened their eyes” to the impact of the devastating illness.

Suzanne, who is on morphine, ibuprofen and paracetemol to manage the pain, said she wouln’t be able to cope if it wasn’t for her strong family support.

Former cleaner Suzanne, who has 12 grandchildren, lost her own hair through chemotherapy and wore bandanas.

She said: “I think it’s brilliant what they are doing for a little charity that doesn’t get any money.

“They are not bothered about losing their hair, they are more nervous about their faces going in the paper!

“They just think some people aren’t as lucky to have a choice over keeping their hair.”

Anyone wanting to sponsor the headshave can visit