'Turkeys voting for Christmas' - some of the things you had to say about the March to Leave event

The March to Leave event through Hartlepool got a very mixed reaction from residents.

Sunday, 17th March 2019, 1:43 pm
Updated Sunday, 17th March 2019, 7:08 pm
Leave Means Leave founder Richard Tice.

The March to Leave event arrived in Hartlepool on Saturday evening and left the town on Sunday morning bound for London as Brexiteers call for the UK to withdraw from the European Union at the end of this month.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage joined the campaigners in the town on Saturday evening, but was no-where to be seen on Sunday morning as the group left Seaton Carew bound for Middlesbrough.

Marchers leave Hartlepool on the way to Middlesbrough.

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The whole event got a mixed reaction from readers on the Hartlepool Mail's Facebook page with many supporting the event, while others were far from impressed by what appeared to be a low turnout from Hartlepool people and the fact that Nigel Farage wasn't actually doing most of the walk.

Kathleen Verrall, said: "Well done everyone. You do us proud."

Mike B W Lewis, said: "Yeah right we're going to listen to 100 walking people."

Denise Wain, added: "Nigel still in the wacky warehouse?"

Campaigners on the Leave means Leave bus.

Tim Evans, said: "Fools. Turkeys voting for Christmas. Once again, my home town embarrasses me."

Steve Mitchell, said: "The loons are out again."

Karen Savage, said: "Feel free to leave. Better off without leave voters anyway."

Jue Donovan, said: "And this will achieve what exactly?"

The Leave marchers set off from Seaton Carew.

Diane Kennedy, added: "Nigel said he will catch yous up in a bit."

Jean Stevenson, said: "Good luck all, applaud your efforts."

Sandra Kingston, said: "How many people are there? Stop making excuses for him said he would be with you all the way in his car later."

Cats Elaine, said: "Well done everyone."

Ste Smith, said: "Hope they watch where they're walking, be a shame to stand in dog mess."

Snowdon Alby, said: "Well done to all the brexiteers."

Chris Barlow, said: "Do people on the walk feel disappointed he’s not there? Are there any other MPs or senior people from the Leave campaign there? Kate Hoey MP?"

Georgina Hann, said: "Well done to each and everyone of you."

Michelle Cross, said: "They are standing up for democracy and as long as they do it peacefully then I support them 100%."

Mike B W Lewis, added: "Waste of time, and he didn't even walk it, he got in car and went rest of way in a car to Hartlepool, while rest of his sheep walked all the way in the rain."

John Rogers, said: "If parliament got its sodding act together and got us out like voted for, there would be no need to march."

Graeme Scott, said: "What this week has shown is that, there is never a Guy Fawkes around when you need one. Parliament is against the people, parliament is not up to the job."

Terry Hegarty, said: "As someone who’s done a fair few demos in his time, there was nowhere near a hundred on this march."

Michael Devany, said: "He didn't even walk. He just got out the car near the end. Some "leader"."

John Peace, said: "I passed them twice today , and guess what , Nigel Farage was not there marching."

Hazel Gorman, said: "Well done Nigel and all, out of EU, no to EU army, no EU super state."