TV experts to solve disputes

RESIDENTS who are having difficulties with neighbours are being urged to put their dispute in the hands of a new TV documentary series which is on its way to Hartlepool.

A team of experts will be coming to the town to “rescue” residents who are having neighbourhood problems, no matter how big or small.

The specialists will be doing their best to resolve issues such as noise keeping residents up at all hours, over-interested neighbours and unreasonable complaints.

The 10-part series, called Mediators, is set to be shown on Sky 1 this Autumn.

One of the main stories to be aired is in the Hartlepool area and producers are calling on anybody else in the middle of a dispute from the town to get in touch.

Fiona Inskip, the series producer, said: “Often there’s a straight forward, mutually agreeable solution to a dispute.

“But rather than talk rationally to each other when the problem first arises, neighbours let disagreements simmer to boiling point, by which time everyone is simply too angry to work out a solution.

“This is where our team of experts come to the rescue.”

Fiona added: “We’ve chosen Hartlepool because one of our key stories is from the area but we’d love to hear from anyone else who is having problems with their neighbours.

“Our experts will tackle anything, from arguments over trees to barking dogs and anti social behaviour.

“If you would like some free help to resolve the dispute then please get in touch.”

Anybody interested in being considered for the show should email or call (0121) 224 8359.