TV team set to tackle obesity

A TV team is on the lookout for people battling weight problems after it emerged obese people cost local health trusts more than £30m each year.

The Hartlepool Mail reported people who are clinically overweight cost NHS Hartlepool £30.4m to treat their obesity and weight-related diseases.

The figures showed that one in three youngsters in Hartlepool were classed as either obese or overweight by the time they reached the age of 11.

And a third of the adult population in Hartlepool was classed as obese.

Now, help could be at hand from a team of experts working on Obese: A Year To Save my Life, which will be screened on Sky One when filming is completed.

Researchers are hunting for people to take part in the show, on the agreement the cameras will follow them regularly over the course of a year to highlight their battle with the bulge.

Experts including personal trainers, nutritionists and medical specialists will guide the volunteer through the programme in the hope of finding a way to end their problems.

Phil McCullough, a producer from the show, said: “After reading an article in the Mail which stated that shockingly a third of all adults in town are classed as obese, we wanted to reach out to the people of Hartlepool to let them know there is help available.

“In the series we follow a group of men and women over the course of a year as they attempt to lose an enormous amount of weight.

“This is done under the guidance of a team of specialists including personal trainers, nutritionists and medical specialists at absolutely no cost to themselves. Obesity has no quick fix solution so this is why we spend 12 months with each person.”

To get involved in the show, email or telephone (0207) 6440075.