Two fires tackled at Hartlepool allotment plots

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FIREFIGHTERS spent an hour tackling an allotment blaze – only to be called back minutes later to a second fire at the site.

The flames in both blazes at Stranton Allotments, in Brierton Lane, in Hartlepool, could be seen from miles around.

Two crews from Stranton Fire Station were sent to the first fire – which saw a caravan and a wooden shed destroyed at 11.40pm on Thursday.

After an hour tackling the flames, they returned to the station.

But 45 minutes later they were sent to another fire at the site, this time involving two sheds 150ft away from the previous blaze.

Thankfully in the first incident, a number of rabbits in a connecting shed appeared unharmed.

A station spokesman said: “The caravan and shed were well-alight.

“You could see it from the bottom of Brierton Lane.

“We dealt with the first fire and packed up and returned to the station, but were called to another fire at Stranton 45 minutes later.”

At 1.30am on Friday, the two crews returned to the site and fought flames that destroyed two wooden sheds, spending 45 minutes in attendance.

The spokesman said: “We informed the police and they will be carrying out their side of the investigation.

“We are in the process of contacting the people responsible for the allotment.”