Two fishing boats had to be rescued off Hartlepool by lifesaving crews

RNLI news.
RNLI news.

TWO fishing boats got into trouble off Hartlepool when rope became wrapped around their propellers.

The Quincy and The Fair Catch were just outside of the town’s harbour when both of their propellers failed when a length of rope becoming trapped around them.

The two fishermen, who were aboard each stranded boat, contacted HM Coastguard for help.

Coastguard officials then sought the assistance of Hartlepool’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) team, who launched the inshore lifeboat and the all-weather rescue vessel at around 6.30pm on Thursday.

The two fishing boats and their skippers were towed safely back to the harbour by 7pm.

A spokesman for HM Coastguard said: “The two vessels were coming into Hartlepool Harbour when they both got rope wrapped around their propellers.

“They were towed in by Hartlepool’s RNLI teams.”