Vandals hit pet rescue service

Joe Griffin with his damaged car in Windsor Street
Joe Griffin with his damaged car in Windsor Street

YOBS who went on a wrecking spree causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to more than 20 cars have put an animal rescue service out of action.

The Hartlepool Mail reported on Saturday that police were investigating a spate of vandal attacks in which 20 cars had been scratched in Percy Street, Hartlepool, and others had had windows smashed or wing mirrors kicked off in Windsor Street and Murray Street.

Today one of the vandalism victims slammed the actions of the thugs.

Joe Griffin, 43, was woken at 3.30am on Good Friday by a neighbour who told him the windscreen on his Subaru Impreza had been smashed.

The dad of six said: “Somebody had climbed on the bonnet, because there were footprints, and kicked the windscreen through.

“There’s no need for it at all. “I just don’t see the point – what do they actually get out of it apart from being thrown in the cells?”

He said the window of his next door neighbour’s car had also been smashed.

Joe, who runs not-for-profit voluntary organisation North East Reptile Pet Rescue, said the incident had left his car out of action and he was now unable to travel around the region rescuing abandoned and unwanted and sick animals.

Joe thinks it will cost £175 to repair but his insurance policy does not cover windscreen damage and he says the money he will have to pull out could have been better spent on food and veterinary costs for the car of the rescued animals.

Joe joins a long list of other vandalism victims, including 20 car owners whose vehicles were deeply scratched along their lengths in Percy Street on the same night, as reported in Saturday’s Hartlepool Mail.

“I heard that at roughly the same time an Alfa Romeo Spider was smashed up in Victoria Road and not long after the incidents in Percy Street happened,” said Joe.

“They must have took a route from Windsor Street, along Victoria Road and up to Percy Street causing this damage,” he added.

Four people were arrested in connection with the incident and are helping police with their inquiries.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Inspector Mick Brown, of Hartlepool Police, on (01642) 302126 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.