Victim’s fury over sentence

A FURIOUS burglary victim hit out at a crook’s jail sentence and said he plans to take it further with legal chiefs.

Peter Gore described serial thief Paul Bradshaw, 38, as a “scumbag” after he targeted his partner’s new home while it was being renovated.

His partner, Angela Guest, was so upset that her home had been violated that she initially refused to move in.

Bradshaw was jailed for 16 months at Teesside Crown Court on the day he was due to stand trial.

He stole more than £600 of property including a new washing machine, a petrol lawnmower, three new light fittings and two tubs of white paint.

But Mr Gore hit out at the length of the sentence and said Bradshaw should have been put behind bars for longer.

He said: “He’s a scumbag and I intend to contact the Crown Prosecution Service to see if anything can be done about increasing the sentence.

“He should have got five years or at the least four years.

“My partner was so upset that he had violated the house that was to be her home, that she at first refused to move in.”

Mr Gore, 43, and Miss Guest were renovating the house in Wolviston when they spotted Bradshaw watching the property and Mr Gore even confronted him on the drive.

Then when the house was empty for the day a neighbour saw Bradshaw loading up property from the house and loading it into his father’s van.

Police seized the van when they arrested Bradshaw last June.

But he stole it back from the force’s compound, said prosecutor Anthony Dunn, and it has still not been traced.

Forensic evidence nailed him to the burglary in Coal Lane, Wolviston, on June 5.

The court heard that Bradshaw, from Hartlepool, had previously served a six-year jail term for smashing his way into the home of a 94-year-old woman and looking for something to steal.

Bradshaw, of Tredegar Walk, admitted burglary and theft.

Robin Denny, mitigating, said Bradshaw planned to move back in with his elderly parents on his release as his 72-year-old father was in poor health.

He added that the Wolviston burglary was not as serious as Bradshaw’s previous offences.

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “On this occasion you do not qualify for a minimum of a three year sentence.

“It is time that you realise that if you carry on offending you will end up spending most of your time in prison.”