VIDEO: Easington club sings ‘Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ on Margaret Thatcher’s funeral day

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FORMER miners danced to and sang ‘Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead’ at a party on Margaret Thatcher’s funeral day.

Miners’ leaders had been split over whether they were marking 20 years since their pit closed or celebrating the death of the former Prime Minister when they gathered at Easington Colliery Club last Wednesday.

No reporters were allowed inside, but a video has been posted on the YouTube website showing a packed club singing and clapping along to The Wizard of Oz song.

The song reached number two in the music charts after becoming the anti-Lady Thatcher protests’ theme tune.

A banner had been unfurled outside the club before the event saying ‘the lady is not returning’ and another showed ‘Thatcher’s prayer’, which slammed her for the job losses the closure caused.

Around 700 people were at the club on the day.

Dave Hopper, general secretary of Durham Miners’ Association (DMA), said at the time: “I’m here for Thatcher’s funeral and the DMA is supporting the event.

“It was absolutely disgraceful what Thatcher did not only to Easington, but the whole of County Durham.”

See the video from inside the club by clicking here