VIDEO: Flash floods ‘worst for years’

TORRENTIAL rain caused traffic chaos and flash flooding to large parts of Hartlepool and East Durham.

Many streets were submerged under several inches of rain water and council teams delivered sandbags to stop it gushing into people’s homes.

Council workers block gateways with sandbags in Arkley Crescent, West View.

Council workers block gateways with sandbags in Arkley Crescent, West View.

Localised flooding, with water 2ft deep in some places, was seen in Brenda Road, Usworth Road, Warren Road, Bishop Cuthbert and around the town centre.

West View, in Hartlepool, was among the area’s hardest hit as residents battled to keep the water out of their homes. Police vehicles were stationed around the estate to direct drivers away from the worst flood spots.

Christopher Hunter, 32, of Arkley Crescent, said: “I barricaded the gates and tried to brush the water away.

“It is the worst we have seen it in the three years we have been here.

“There’s a pumping station at Brus Corner, but it has never been right since it broke down three years ago.

“I think the pipeline was extended, but I don’t think it makes any difference.”

His partner Jaimee Corbett, 24, added: “We know whenever it rains for quite a while we do get flooding, but it’s never been as bad as it was on Saturday.

“It usually gets as far as the kerb, but the garden was flooded and I was worried it could get in and cause damage.”

Another resident of the street, who did not wish to be named, added: “It was all the cars going past pushing the water up the path.

“The back garden was a pond, you could have floated ducks on it.

“I’ve lived here a long time and this is the worst it’s ever been.”

The water in Warren Road was described by another resident as “nearly knee deep”.

It took around four hours for the water to subside.

The A179 was closed between Hart Village and the A19 for about four hours on Saturday afternoon because of flooding.

There was also hazardous conditions around the A19 at Wolviston due to the amount of standing water in the area.

New Road, in Billingham, was also closed for much of Saturday.

The rain was so heavy that the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning and police called for drivers to take extra care.

Fog is forecast for Hartlepool today with temperatures in the early teens, and tomorrow is due to be dry but cloudy.

Light rain is expected on Wednesday and Thursday is also due to be another dry and cloudy day.