VIDEO: Hartlepool marks Armed Forces Day

AROUND 100 people gathered in Hartlepool to show respect and gratitude to servicemen and women on Armed Forces Day.

The event, which is held to honour and celebrate the bravery of the armed services, was held in the area of Hartlepool Historic Quay on Saturday.

RESPECT: Veterans mark Armed Forces Day in Hartlepool on Saturday.

RESPECT: Veterans mark Armed Forces Day in Hartlepool on Saturday.

A military parade, including war veterans and cadets, started near to Portofinos Restaurant before making its way around to the car park at Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience.

Once the servicemen and women were in position, the Reverend Chris Collison, of St Hilda’s Church, started an Armed Forces Day service with a number of biblical readings and hymns.

Town figureheads, including MP Iain Wright and several town councillors, were also present to show their respect.

One of the organisers, Falklands war veteran Tug Wilson, said: “Armed Forces Day is as important as Remembrance Day. Some of these guys went off into conflict, but just because they came back doesn’t mean they did any less than those who were unfortunate enough to fall in action.

“Armed Forces Day should be as big as Remembrance Day.”

During the service, Rev Collison said: “We celebrate the men and women of today’s armed forces, including the Army, The Navy, The Royal Air Force, and The Royal Marines, who serve us and our nation. Today we salute them and pray for them.”

The parade and service started at around 11am until 11.30am.