VIDEO: Inside the house of our own Doctor Who

A TOWN Doctor Who fanatic will raise a glass to the Time Lord today as the show celebrates its 50th birthday.

Paul Bianco. 60, from Duke Street, in Hartlepool, is the owner of one of the largest Doctor Who collections in the region after snapping up memorablia ranging from home-made sonic screwdrivers to a K9 model.

Dr Who fan Paul Bianco and his collection of items from the series.

Dr Who fan Paul Bianco and his collection of items from the series.

Paul has also made a host of model villains and gadgets from the show with some even appearing in the series itself.

As the show reaches its half century today, Paul reckons it will still be going strong 50 years from now.

He said: “I can’t see why it can’t last another 50 years. As long as it keeps going as it is.”

The show is certified by the Guinness Book World Records as the most successful sci-fi series ever.

Paul, who even has a life-size TARDIS door in his home, believes the reason for the show’s success is the character of Doctor Who himself, as well as the actors who have played him.

He said: “The part is actor-proof and I think anyone could play it, I obviously have my favourites. Tom Baker is the best Doctor, but David Tennant was really good too.”

Though he loves the show in general, he has picked up favourites along the way.

He said: “My favourite villain is The Master, the original one. He was the most evil of all of them, not the new one. Apart from the Daleks of course.

“To be a successful Doctor you must be good at the serious parts, but also have a good comic edge. Baker was crackers.”

Paul has appeared on television shows such as Blue Peter and The Big Breakfast with his creations, as well as recently appearing on David Dickinson’s Real Deal.

He first started collecting Doctor Who toys when he was nine and has continued to this day.

Paul said: “I first started then, I’ve got a few ancient toys, they’re probably worth a lot of money now. The range all the way up to the newest toys, some of them are really well detailed.”

“My favourite is probably the model of Mr Sin. We gave it a good patch up and I think it looks great.”