VIDEO: Jesmond Gardens pupils are First Class

RECOGNITION at a North-East awards evening capped off a good first year at the new-look Jesmond Gardens Primary School.

The school picked up the Community Benefit award at this year’s North-East Renaissance Awards, staged by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Year 6 pupils from the school are big fans of the new state-of-the art facility and are pleased they have the chance to spend one year in the new building.

They told the Mail what they like about the school.

Chris Mayes, 11, said: “I have really enjoyed this year at the new school.

“It’s a lot more colourful and the old building was pretty boring compared to this one.”

Byron Dickson, 11, said: “I think our new school is very vibrant.

“I think the football pitch is very good because in our old school it was just concrete.”

Ellie Dunning, 10, said: “I really like our new classrooms because they are round and different to what we have had in the past.

“I have enjoyed this year and I like our iPads, the technology we use is brilliant.”

Abby Marshall, 11, said: “What I like the most about our new school is the unique technology for our games and our work.

“We use the iPads for both games and work, every person in Year 5 and 6 has got their own iPad.”

Nicholas Bridgman, 11, said: “I love this new school because it’s class and it’s class because I’m in it.

“I also love our new school field because it’s open and you can play football.”

Emily Burns, 11, said: “The best thing about our new school is the rounded classrooms because they’re different to any other school.

I prefer it a lot more than our old school.”

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