Video killed the magazine slur as Hartlepool fights back against Economist article

A MUSIC video hitting back at slurs against Hartlepool has been filmed at the town’s marina.

A parody of the song Don’t Cry for Me Argentina from the musical Evita was made in response to a damning article published by The Economist Magazine.

Stephen Woods and Ella-Rose Wood at Hartlepool Marina.

Stephen Woods and Ella-Rose Wood at Hartlepool Marina.

It sparked fury after claiming Hartlepool was “ugly” with “appalling schools” and the town should not receive Government funding.

Newcastle-based film company ACT2 CAM decided to shoot the video after hearing about the damning article through the Mail and a passionate defence of the town by Mail reporter Felicity Hunter.

The song’s lyrics were changed from Don’t Cry for Me Argentina to “Don’t cry for Hartlepool Marina, the truth is you’ve never been here, all through your cliches, your dumb insistence, we’ll keep our promise, you keep your distance”.

Director Stephen Woods said: “It was a lot of good fun, but it has a serious note to it which is we have got a lot to offer.

“You can’t keep putting us down and not expect us to feel strongly about it.

“I hope the people responsible for the original article watch it and maybe come up here for a proper visit and have a look at the reality of the situation rather than the negative stereotype which it unfortunately opted for.”

It stared 10-year-old Ella-Rose Wood, from Scarborough, who answered an open call by the filmmakers.

Stephen, 41, added: “We didn’t anticipate anyone that young singing, but she gave an audition to us on the telephone and she was brilliant.

“She’s got an amazing voice.”

The film crew shot on the marina’s pontoons and along the shop fronts of Navigation Point.

“A lot of people were interested in what we were doing,” said Stephen.

“They listened to the lyrics all about local pride and Ella-Rose got cheers after each take.

“Overall the whole shoot went fantastic. The sun shone which was good and the marina was sparkling and beautiful.”

The video is due to be posted on YouTube in the next couple of days.

• See a video above of Ella-Rose Wood singing the lyrics to the song.