VIDEO: So what were you doing on the day JFK died?

SO what were Hartlepool people doing on the day JFK was assassinated?

Barbara Sleeman, 63, who lives on the Brooke Estate, in Hartlepool, remembers she was at her home in the now demolished Moore Street when she heard the “shocking” story.

Roni Farrow

Roni Farrow

She said: “I was 13 years old at the time and I was at home in Moore Street where I lived when it all came on the news. I heard it all happening on the telly.

“I was sat in total disbelief because you just don’t think that sort of thing would happen.”

Sylvia Hindmarsh, from Peterlee, said she was also at home and watched the story break on television.

The 67-year-old mum-of-three said: “I was watching it on the telly at home. It was shocking. I didn’t think anything like that would happen. I thought it was awful.”

Barbara Sleeman

Barbara Sleeman

Former Belle Vue Community and Youth Centre manager Bob Farrow, 73, of Studley Road, in the Stranton area of Hartlepool, said: “I was painting and decorating in the old Zetland pub down the town at the time. I was working for Camerons Brewey and I remember hearing about it happening.

“I wasn’t happy about it, I thought it was shocking for the world really. It was a sad time.”

His wife, Roni Farrow, 71, a retired home-help who has two children with Bob and three grandsons, said she was with her sister and friends having a coffee when they watched the tale unfold on telly.

“Me and my sister and about four friends always went around my sister’s house for a coffee so the kids could play together,” she said.

“While we were there it came on the TV. We just couldn’t believe it.”