VIDEO: UKIP’s Hartlepool candidate pokes fun at ‘commoners’ as bizarre wrestling character

UKIP’S prospective parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool has shrugged-off a “spiteful” video showing him in character as a bad-guy wrestler poking fun at “commoners”.

The video, posted on the Guido Fawkes political blog on YouTube, shows Phillip Broughton, 30, in role as The One and Only Philip Alexander, a character for Great British Wrestling – a company Mr Broughton co-owns.

UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate for 2015 in Hartlepool, Phillip Broughton

UKIP's prospective parliamentary candidate for 2015 in Hartlepool, Phillip Broughton

In the video, which edits together a number of clips, Mr Broughton, a North East candidate in the upcoming European Elections tells viewers: “I’m cleverer than you, I’m better looking than you, I’ve got more charisma than all of you can ever dream of but the most important thing is I’ve got more money than all of you could possibly imagine.”

Another clip shows the character looking at a pedestrian crossing and saying: “Just imagine how many common, filthy hands have been on that.”

But Mr Broughton has hit back today saying the video is “out of context”.

He said the videos were filmed more than two years ago but he was first made aware of the various clips being edited into one video and posted on YouTube around six weeks ago.

He told the Mail: “This video has been put together in a nasty spiteful way.

“We all have different interests, we all do different things.

“I live in a two-bedroom flat in Ingleby Barwick, I work five days a week at Tesco and I run a wrestling company as well as my interest in politics.

“But this is an out of context video and it misrepresents me.”

Mr Broughton said he feels the attention the video has received is another indication of the growing popularity of UKIP.

But he said he won’t be filming any more videos of him talking in role as The One and Only Philip Alexander.

“I’m not going to stop wrestling because it’s a passion of mine and there are still videos of me wrestling on the internet,” he added.

“But any videos where I am talking and I am in role I have just decided to take down.

“This video just shows utter desperation from whoever has created it.”

Mr Broughton was selected as UKIP’s prospective parliamentary candidate at a hustings event last month and will stand for the role as MP in Hartlepool next year.

After receiving the required votes of two thirds of the members who were present at the meeting, Mr Broughton said voters have the chance to make “a real difference” in Hartlepool and says he hopes 2015 can be a “turning point” in North East politics.

Speaking after a recent visit to Gateshead, UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Hartlepool is the “best place” to target for a North East breakthrough in next year’s general election.