VIDEO: Watch Hartlepool man propose to his fiance on TV show about how the other half live

A Hartlepool family will be seen on national television tonight trading places to see how the other half live.

Mike Holland and Lindsey Harrison and their three children from Owton Manor, Hartlepool, swap lives for a week with the affluent Page family from West Yorkshire in Channel 5's Rich House Poor House.

Mike Holland and Lindsey Harrison and their children Faith, 10,  Aria, one, and James, 11, outside their Hartlepool home

Mike Holland and Lindsey Harrison and their children Faith, 10, Aria, one, and James, 11, outside their Hartlepool home

The engaged couple, who met 14 years ago as college students, got to swap their three-bedroom council house and a weekly household budget of just £167 for Tony and Sarah Page's eight-bedroom £2 million home and a whopping £3,420 spending money per week.

Mike, 30, who works as a goods clerk for Lidl supermarket, used the experiment to buy a new engagement ring for Lindsey, a full-time mum, which she lost while working as a nursing assistant a couple of years ago. Due to the family's tight finances he had never been able to afford to replace it.

In the moving scene, Mike goes down on one knee when they go out for afternoon tea and proposes again to Lindsey.

The ring features three jewels representing one each for their children James, 11, Faith, 10, and one-year-old Aria.

Lindsey, also 30, said of the special moment: "It was surreal. I wasn't expecting that at all.

"It was a moment. The ring is on my finger at all times."

Lindsey applied to go on the show which was filmed over Easter.

She said: "I just wanted to see how the other half lived. I had all these big expectations of what it might be like and it was an opportunity to see if they were right."

Lindsey added: "It was amazing, absolutely fantastic. I found there were a lot of similarities between us and the Pages, we both work so hard."

Tony and Sarah Page, who have two children and both come from humble beginnings, are among the wealthiest 10% of people in Britain.

Tony has held a number of senior executive positions within the retail industry and currently runs a company which helps businesses out of challenging situations.

They enjoy several family holidays a year and can afford for their children Olivier, 10, and Daisy, eight, to pursue a number of different activities, including singing, cricket, judo, drama, netball and badminton.

In the programme Mike and Lindsey's children got to enjoy a private cricket lesson at £40 an hour while in Hartlepool Tony struggled to find places to take his kids to.

At one point he questions the level of council tax for the town saying open spaces are not well maintained.

Lindsey said the experience has made her and Mike reassess their lives to try to earn more money for their family.

Mike has a degree in engineering and Lindsey has one in interior architecture.

She said: "It was a bit of a reality check of what we could have had in our lives.

"It has given us a boost to carry on and try to accomplish other things further on. Just to be able to do something with those degrees would be brilliant."

Watch Rich House, Poor House tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.