VIDEO: What Hartlepool passengers think about Northern Rail’s trains

PASSENGERS had a mixed response when they spoke the Mail about the condition of Northern Rail’s trains.

Nathan Severs, 37, of the Oxford Road area of town, said he did not have any complaints.

The steel worker said: “I hadn’t used the train for about 12 years until yesterday but it was fine.

“It did its job and I thought it was value for money.

“I think the words the MP said were pretty harsh, it was fine for what I needed it for.”

Stephen Sawyer, 20, of the marina, uses the train every weekday to get to Teesside University.

The computer science student said: “I think the trains are in relatively good condition.

“I haven’t had any problem and I used them every day.

“Sometimes when there is a football game on they can be overcrowded but that’s very rare.”

Charles Dawson, 60, uses Northern Rail services twice a week to travel to Newcastle.

The retired nurse, of the Elwick Road area, said: “I think they are very good.

“Yes, some carriages are a bit outdated, but they are trying to update them all the time.

“I’ve never had any problem with them.”

Regular passenger Patricia Ferguson, 71, of Belle Vue, Hartlepool, also had little complaint.

The retired shop worker said: “They have been very good and I’ve had no problem.

“I thought they were clean and comfortable. They are new the ones we have been on.

“I use it about twice a week with my daughter. We normally go to different stations, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Newcastle.”

But mature student Stephen Kidson, 31, of Mill House, Hartlepool, echoed Mr Wright’s criticism.

The art and design student said: “I think the trains are completely outdated.

“There are no real facilities that you would expect on modern travel, like plugs for phones and laptops.

“When you go out to the surrounding area you notice the difference in carriages, the trains are a lot more modern.

“These are more like buses.”