VIDEO: Window into Hartlepool’s past with fascinating DVD

History of Hartlepool Group members Stephen Close (left) and Roger Codner
History of Hartlepool Group members Stephen Close (left) and Roger Codner

A FASCINATING DVD featuring photos and old film footage of Hartlepool has been produced by a town history group.

The 62-minute video is the first in a planned series by the History of Hartlepool group and includes dozens of images of the town from 1939 up to 1969.

It has recently been released on sale in time for Christmas after months of hard work by the small team of history enthusiasts.

Proceeds from sales will go to local dementia homes and groups along with copies of the DVD itself to help jog sufferers’ memories.

The project for a charity DVD developed from a website called History of Hartlepool in Images which has grown to 9,000 members worldwide.

Hartlepool businessman Stephen Close, who helped produce the DVD, said: “People posted their own pics to the website and at the last count there was about 15,000 images of Hartlepool on the site.

“There are some really valuable and beautiful pictures but we thought we could go one step further, so a little group of six of us formed a separate committee called History of Hartlepool.

“We have collated a lot of photos and bits of cine film to make a DVD to sell to try and make a little bit of money for dementia.”

The DVD looks back at Hartlepool’s former shopping centre around Lynn Street, the Second World War and Seaton Carew from years gone by. It also features film footage from Greatham Feast from 1960 and cine film of Seaton Carew from the 1950s.

The group are also appealing for more pieces of old film of Hartlepool for their next DVD.

Stephen added: “There is probably lots of old film out there buried in people’s cupboard somewhere that has bene left to rot.

“We can put it on DVD to share with other people.”

Copies of the DVD will be presented to various old people’s homes that acre for people with dementia.

Stephen said: “Something like the DVD is great for dementia sufferers because it jogs their memory.

“They may not be able to remember things from the last 20 years but they can remember things from 50 years ago.”

The DVD is priced £6 plus postage and is available from Just Blinds, York Road, Hartlepool.

See a preview by clicking here