VIDEO: World Cup Woolly predicts England v Costa Rica result

THE latest prediction from World Cup Woolly is good news for suffering England fans – but it is all too late for the Three Lions.

Woolly has predicted that England will come out on top against surprise package Costa Rica.

World Cup Woolly

World Cup Woolly

Woolly must have known that Frank Lamb-pard was starting, with the ex-Chelsea midfielder captaining the side in Steven Gerrard’s absence.

Our Woolly, from Tweddle’s Petting Farm, Blackhall, was again offered three bottles.

One marked with “England”, another with “Draw” and another with “Costa Rica”.

Woolly had little hesitation in going for England, the first time he has backed Roy Hodgson’s team.

(left to right) Mark Hogeson, Bob Waite and Dan Wayman ready to have the England V Costa Rica game predicted

(left to right) Mark Hogeson, Bob Waite and Dan Wayman ready to have the England V Costa Rica game predicted

After correctly predicting the Uruguayan victory last Thursday, fans will be hoping that Woolly is on the ball again.

Dan Wayman, who looks after Woolly, said: “They played well against Italy, but need to match that against Costa Rica.

“Suarez was the difference for Uruguay, so hopefully we’ll end on a high.

“I think that Sterling has the potential to be as good as Suarez, so we should look forward to 2016.”

Costa Rica have a fair number of players to catch Woolly’s eye, with Arsenal’s Joel Lamb-ell and Rosenborg’s Christian Lamb-oa some of the nation’s stand out players so far.

The Central American nation have shocked the football world this summer, dismantling both Uruguay and Italy.

They were tipped by many to be the whipping-boys of the group, with England, Italy and Uruguay ranked above them.

The Brazilian tournament has thrown back memories to 1950, when we were outdone by the Ewe-nited States, who look likely to go further than us this year.

Woolly may not have been as successful as the now-legendary Paul the octopus, but he may end up going on a roll.

After one of their most miserable World Cup campaigns to date, Hodgson’s men will be hoping to have something to take away with them.