VIDEO: Youngsters can now stay safe

EVERY primary school pupil in Hartlepool is taking part in an action-packed event aimed at preparing them for dealing with dangerous situations.

Around 1,300 Year 6 pupils from across the town are learning more about fire, kitchen and electrical safety along with lots more at an annual event for youngsters.

Year 6 St John Vianney pupils in one of the safety scenarios

Year 6 St John Vianney pupils in one of the safety scenarios

The Crucial Crew event, held at Hartlepool Power Station is now in its 17th year and is centred on a series of scenarios that re-creates dangerous situations that children could encounter in their lives.

Some children have already had the chance to attend the event as it kicked off at the start of this week, while others will visit the power station in weeks to come.

Paul Watson, Hartlepool Borough Council’s road safety officer, said: “Crucial Crew has a proven track record of preparing local children for life out in the wider world and some of the dangers they will inevitably encounter.”

Children also become more aware of road safety issues, dangers on the railway line and building sites and firework safety at the event, which is held in the power station’s training centre.

Organisers say they aim for children to learn more about personal safety issues in an enjoyable fashion while also showing them how to react to dangerous situations.

Simon Parsons, Hartlepool Power Station director, said: “I am delighted that we are hosting such an excellent event. This year is the first time I have personally seen Crucial Crew, but I have heard a lot about it from the people on site.

“This event mirrors our own proactive safety culture within the power station and within EDF Energy.

“I hope that the children are enjoying Crucial Crew, but also that they pick up a better awareness and vital safety skills that they can use in their everyday life.”

Crucial Crew is a multi-agency initiative which is supported by Hartlepool Borough Council, Northern Power Grid, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Hartlepool Primary Care Trust, British Heart Foundation, Cleveland Police, HM Coastguard, Elaine Saint Partnership and Network Rail.