VIDEO: Your Pride of Hartlepool winners speak about their awards

Hartlepool Mail Editor Joy Yates and Wayne Allen of TFM.
Hartlepool Mail Editor Joy Yates and Wayne Allen of TFM.

WHO can fail to have been moved by the sheer emotion of the Mail’s Pride of Hartlepool awards.

The event is one of the highlights in our calendar and every effort goes into making sure it is a success.

Pride of hartlepool awards.

Pride of hartlepool awards.

It is so important because they recognise the excellent work that often goes unnoticed on in our community.

Just click on the links below to see videos with our fabulous winners and to find out about their amazing stories.

As always, the awards would not be possible without the people who make it happen. That includes everyone from the nominees to the organisers and from the judges to the people who bring it all together as an emotional and thrilling event on the night.

The awards show how the Hartlepool Mail, local people, businesses and community groups can work together to produce an event that publicly praises the spirit and togetherness that exists in Hartlepool.

Praise should of course go to the sponsors and backers who have once again been amazing in their support.

Thanks also to our hosts on an excellent evening, and to all the performers who showed us the abundance of talent that exists in Hartlepool.

And of course, thanks to every one of the entrants in this year’s Pride of Hartlepool awards. Many regard themselves as reluctant heroes who only do what they do for the love of it.

Well, we think they deserve more than that and that’s why we handed out so many awards to so many deserving people.

Even the quickest look through this supplement will give you an idea of the incredible stories our entrants have to tell. From youngsters who have battled with health problems all their lives to a brave soldier who still has a hugely positive outlook despite both his legs being blown off in Afghanistan.

From the community fundraisers who have selflessly gone out of their way to help others to the green champions who are both protecting and using the Hartlepool environment for the good of the town.

Every story has warmth. Every story has feeling. Every one of our winners truly deserves all their plaudits.

– Joy Yates, editor 
Hartlepool Mail