VIDEO: Your reaction to The Economist article calling Hartlepool ‘decaying’

Your Shout: Billy Reid.
Your Shout: Billy Reid.

We asked for reactions to an article in last week’s Economist magazine which argued that Hartlepool can’t stand on its own two feet economically and should be left to fail.

Billy Reid, 56, who has a key cutting business in Middleton Grange, was quoted in The Economist story but told the Mail: “I believe the journalist chose to ignore all the good things I said about Hartlepool and the fighting spirit of the people and just wrote down the bad points.”

Robert Stevens, 53, who is unemployed and lives in Rossmere, said: “I must admit there’s no jobs in the town and I think Hartlepool is completely dead. I only come in to the town centre once a week because it’s depressing. But I agree with the MP (Iain Wright) that the article is disgraceful.”

Colin Maddison, 34, a factory worker from Rift House said: “You can see why the Government might think that way, particularly if people aren’t helping themselves by not wanting to work. But I’d try to prop up the town by utilising what we’ve got to offer to tourists, like the successful Tall Ships event.”

Lesley Hetherington, 55, a businesswoman from Rossmere, said: Hartlepool is my home town and there is a lot of hardship but there are plenty of people who want to work and are proud of the town. The government shouldn’t just cut the town loose, there should be investment instead.”