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WITH recent figures showing that almost one in four youngsters are either overweight or obese before they leave school, we asked your views on the problem...

ANIELLE Robinson, 25, a children’s entertainer from Clavering said: “Children are having more fast food and less exercise. It’s easier to take them to McDonald’s than cook a meal. I know if I’m busy at work it’s easier to just grab something if I haven’t got time to sort a proper dinner. Maybe the answer is an extra PE lesson.”

Your Shout on childhood obesity: Danielle Robinson.

Your Shout on childhood obesity: Danielle Robinson.

SUE Hart, 55, a housewife from West View, said: “Kids eat a lot of junk food, like burgers, chips and pizza, whereas years ago our parents used to cook fresh for us and I don’t think kids get that now. I think the answer lies with the parents. Schools are trying to do their best with healthy meals but the parents need to cut the junk food out.”

SARAH Kerr, 38, a processing manager from the Oxford Road area, said: “I think it’s just ignorance on the parents’ part. Fast foods are so much easier nowadays. Children don’t have a choice, the parents have to make the choices for them. I think there’s enough sport out there and the council do a lot but parents are too lazy.”

JESSICA Campbell, 37, an NHS podiatry technician from the Grange Road area, said: “I think it’s the parents who are at fault and the answer is to re-educate the parents, but the problem is whether their parents educated them. It’s something we’ve fallen into over the generations. It’s a combinational of a lot of things.”