VIDEO: Your shout on legalising drugs

The Chief Constable of Durham Police, Mike Barton, has called for drugs to be legalised and addicts given help, so we asked people in Hartlepool what they make of his proposal.

Ryan Dobie, 16, a student from Owton Manor, said: “I think they should make drugs legal because if the government sell drugs they’ll make money from it. It’s a win-win because the government won’t be spending money, they’ll be making it, and that money could be ploughed into the NHS.”

Your Shout Stuart Spence

Your Shout Stuart Spence

Stuart Spence, 27, a refuse operator from Rift House, said: “I think drugs should remain outlawed and taking drugs should be a criminal offence but I hear what he’s saying because if you’re fighting a losing battle you may as well put the money into things that would make the town better, like the hospital.”

Rukiha Hussain, 24, a support worker from Grange Road, said: “I think if it’s done in a setting where it’s under the observation of medical staff and drug users are being monitored then it is good, but on the other hand it might promote drugs and encourage people to take drugs because it’s being backed.”

Andrew Pollock, 49, a town centre-based area manager for Sky TV, said: “I don’t agree with the proposal because it opens the floodgates for people who don’t take drugs for fear of being prosecuted. I think it would lead to an increase in crime because more people would get involved, and drugs and crime are heavily linked.”