VIDEO: Zombies invade Hartlepool for charity walk

A LOT of blood and a lot of glances from shocked shoppers helped rake in a host of charity cash as zombies invaded Hartlepool.

Passers-by, shoppers and shop staff looked twice and probably a third time for good measure as the horrifying undead made their way around the town.

Zombies Dom Leed and Tim Mc Ardle(right).

Zombies Dom Leed and Tim Mc Ardle(right).

But they weren’t out looking for flesh for their next meal. Anything but.

In fact, these blood-ridden, scarred characters in their outstanding costumes are undoubtedly the friendliest bunch of zombies you will ever come across.

And thanks to their attention-grabbing stroll in and around Hartlepool town centre on Saturday they have now raised £580 for Bradley Lowery.

The brave two-year-old from Blackhall is battling Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer, and has had support already from across the area.

The 70 plus zombies who had got dressed up helped to make the second annual Nightmare in Hartlepool Zombie Walk a massive success. And delighted organiser and zombie for the day Kate Barratt couldn’t hide her delight as she thanked everyone who caused a fright on the day and helped to raise the cash.

“It was an absolutely brilliant day,” said Kate, 30, a mum of Phoebe Walker, nine, who lives in the Murray Street area of town and works as a playleader.

“You only have to look at the costumes to see how much effort people made.”

Kate thanked fellow organisers Richy Walker, Chris Sutheran, Shirley Sutheran, Daisy Swingell and Jessie Swingell.