Views from the maintop

Views from the crane of HMS Trincomalee and beyond. 'Pictures by CHRIS ARMSTRONG
Views from the crane of HMS Trincomalee and beyond. 'Pictures by CHRIS ARMSTRONG

HOW’S this for a bird’s eye view?

Maintenance workers needed a good head for heights as they checked to see if everything was ship-shape at a town landmark.

HMS Trincomalee, at Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience, is checked out every year to see if there are any signs of damage.

To carry out the checks, a huge crane is brought into the quay area and workers are lifted as high as the top of the masts to get an overall view of the vessel.

And other than some slight damage to a piece of rope, the Trincomalee’s general manager David McKnight was delighted to report a clean bill of health.

Mr McKnight said: “This is purely a maintenance inspection which we carry out on an annual basis.

“Our maintenance crew of Bob Monsen and David Lilley went up in the crane to check everything from the top of the masts.”

After everything was decalred ship shape - photographer Chris Armstrong was given the chance to captured these amazing shots of the Trinc and Maritime Experience.

All areas of the ship were checked out, with the 55-tonne crane being manoeuvred onto the dock from the Wingfield Castle entrance, and then again from the Jackson’s Wharf side.

Mr McKnight added: “The vessel is in great condition, there are umpteen blocks and 11 miles of rope and rigging so it took about three hours to check everything over. The team take photographs from the top which we have a close look at, from all the signs are that everything is fine.

“If we do come across any problems, then we act quickly and nip it in the bud so the problem doesn’t get any worse.

“There will be a few little jobs to do but everything is safe and in order and we’ve made sure everything is in the best possible condition.”