Views needed to shape bid for grant cash

Andy Powell: Keen to hear residents' views
Andy Powell: Keen to hear residents' views

A HOUSING group is hoping to cash in on a Lottery grant to help people learn about managing their money.

Housing Hartlepool is involved in a bid to cash in on Lottery funding to launch a scheme to help people with money matters.

Residents will be consulted on the project which is aimed at helping social housing tenants at Housing Hartlepool, the largest social landlord in the town, which is playing a key part in the bid.

As part of the submission it has to be demonstrated that those who will benefit from schemes supported by the Big Lottery’s Improving Financial Confidence programme have been consulted about what they need to help them manage their finances.

A drop-in session will be held on Thursday so people can express their views.

Andy Powell, Housing Hartlepool’s director of housing services, said: “We are keen to hear what people think the issues are surrounding financial exclusion and what help is needed to overcome them. It is important that those who would benefit from initiatives help shape the bid.”

The aim of the Big Lottery’s programme is to enable social housing residents to become financially capable and to feel included as a result of the support and engagement of their landlords.

Bids need to include propositions that would provide greater access to appropriate and affordable financial service and products and increase skills and confidence in the use of financial products and services.

The deadline for outline proposals to be submitted to the National Lottery Fund is September 16.

The consultation event is being held at the Phoenix Centre, in Hindpool Close, Hartlepool, from 3pm to 5pm.