Violently robbed for £10 and baccy

Alan Lambert.
Alan Lambert.

A PENSIONER says he is lucky to be alive after being violently robbed for just £10 and some rolling tobacco.

Fragile Alan Lambert, 76, was pushed to the ground and then kicked in the head and legs during a vicious attack on his way home from the West End Social Club, in Murray Street, Hartlepool.

The retired labourer thinks he may have been unconscious for up to an hour on the cold pavement of Rodney Street after being targeted by a man and a woman.

Detectives have vowed to do all they can to catch the yobs responsible for what they have called a “cowardly act” at 1am on Saturday, March 19.

Alan said: “They jumped on me from behind, I didn’t even see them.

“It was frightening and I didn’t know what to do.

“I must have blacked out on the floor. When I came round they had gone and I didn’t know where I was.

“They are scum to do this.

“I can’t even defend myself, I’m lucky to be alive.”

He managed to stumble to the house of friend Linda Smith in Harcourt Street and arrived just after 2am.

Linda, 41, said: “He was covered in blood and looked terrible. They could have killed him.

“I see him as a granddad to me so it’s awful to see him like this.

“He’d been on the ground for an hour. He’s not the strongest and is an old man.

“How can they do this and just leave him like that? Anything could have happened.”

Alan went to the University Hospital of Hartlepool on Sunday after his hand swelled up and was prescribed strong painkillers after having his arm placed in a sling.

But he hopes there will be no lasting damage.

Police are now appealing for witnesses or anyone with information about the incident to come forward.

Detective Constable Simon Clark, of Hartlepool CID, said: “This is a cowardly act on an elderly man and we are doing everything possible to find those responsible and bring them to justice.

“I am appealing for the people of Hartlepool to come forward with any information that might help us with our enquiries.”

People are asked to contact Det Con Clark on (01642) 302178 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.