Volunteers stay awake for weekend

Left to right, Peter Davies, Ian McManus, Andy Sharpe
Left to right, Peter Davies, Ian McManus, Andy Sharpe

CHARITY volunteers managed to stay awake around the clock twice and raised hundreds of pounds in the process.

Ian McManus, 41, Peter Davies, 19, and Andy Sharpe, 20 stayed awake for a full weekend in a fundraising Wake-A-Thon for Red Dreams, a creative charity in Hartlepool.

The kind-hearted men somehow managed to keep their tired eyes open for around 48 hours and raised more than £600 for the cause.

The trio took part in a number of tasks and activities over the two days at the charity’s base, in Whitby Street South, Hartlepool.

The tiring ordeal was streamed live on their own online television channel.

Seven bands came in and performed and the volunteers also did some live interviews and played some quirky games.

Ian, 41, set up the charity with his wife, Dawn, after their 16-year old son, Kyle, tragically died of a brain haemorrhage back in 2007.

Dawn, 40, supported the men throughout the effort and said they were all ecstatic to complete it and raise as much money as they did.

She said: “It all went really, really well.

“They were absolutely shattered by the end, but they were absolutely fantastic.

“We aren’t sure of the exact amount we raised yet but so far we have counted around £600 which is brilliant.”

Dawn said the men did go through some “bad patches” on their way to completing the challenge but were helped on by the thousands of hits on their internet channel.

“People were keeping in touch with us from home saying they were doing the challenge as well.” she said.

“We had more than 3,000 views by the end which is quite staggering.

“We thought it would prove a popular challenge, but I don’t think any of us expected such a brilliant response.

“This is definitely going to become an annual event.

“Hopefully even more can get involved next year which would be fantastic.”