Ward Jackson Park cafe gets £20,000 make-over

Natasha Bell (left) and Maria Harrison in The Place in The Park.
Natasha Bell (left) and Maria Harrison in The Place in The Park.

AN award-winning park’s cafe has undergone a £20,000 make-over – and has made the most of a stunning domed ceiling.

A Place in the Park, within the grounds of Hartlepool’s Ward Jackson Park, underwent the facelift to make the popular eaterie even more welcoming for customers.

And the domed-shape roof, which was previously rarely noticed by people visiting the cafe, has not been kitted out with beautiful lights which continually change, showing off all of the colour spectrum.

There has also been money spent on new couches, furnishings and decor to give the cafe a more upmarket and comfortable feel for those wishing to stop for a coffee or a snack after a stroll around the grounds of the park.

Today, Maria Harrison, director and owner of the eaterie, said she was delighted with the new look and said that so far customers had given her 100 per cent positive feedback saying it had been a major improvement.

She is also delighted to have been nominated for a Hartlepool Business award in the Tourism and Leisure Industry category.

Maria said “We have revamped the cafe at a cost of about £20,000.

“We’ve put soft furnishings throughout, and sofas, and coffee tables, just to make it a bit more up-market and more welcoming.

“The dome also looks fantastic now and a lot of people have commented on that.

“Many of them didn’t notice that we had a dome ceiling even though it’s huge.

“They used to say ‘what’s the echo in the building?’, and we’d have to point out the dome.

“We just thought, we’ve got this huge feature and nobody knows about it, so we’ve highlighted it basically.

“We’ve flood lit it with multi-coloured lights that change from a soft pink right through the coulour spectrum of blues, greens and golds.

“I often think I’d like to just lay on one of the sofas and look up at the lights, it would be wonderful. If only I had the time!”