Warning over bogus roofers

Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison

Trading standards officers have issued a warning to residents to be on their guard against cowboy roofers who may be trying to take advantage of the recent bad weather.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s trading standards and licensing manager Ian Harrison said: “Sadly we often find that bad weather encourages cowboy roofers and other conmen to come out and target the vulnerable.

“Stories of ridge tiles being missing and tiles being loose can lead home owners to believe that they must take immediate action and allow a roofer to undertake work there and then – often at hugely inflated prices. In many cases we find that the work was not needed at all.

“My advice is not to deal with anyone who comes calling unannounced at your door. If someone tells you that you have a problem with your roof, speak to your insurer if you have one and speak to friends or family who can recommend a good roofer to you. If you can, get a quote from several companies before committing to the work being done.”