Watch as Hartlepool village battles against winter road closures

A village pulled together after being left virtually cut off due to the snow.

Greatham was one of the worst places in Hartlepool affected by the weather with large accumulations of snow making the main roads in and out of the village impassable.

The scene in Greatham on Thursday.

The scene in Greatham on Thursday.

But residents have shown true community spirit with tractors from farms being used to pull free stuck vehicles.

At least one unknown good Samaritan has also been delivering bread and other essentials to villagers who were unable to get out.

Brian Walker, chairman of Greatham Parish Council, said: “It has been a bit chaotic in the village. On Wednesday it was virtually impossible to get out.

“Villagers had to dig out the high street themselves. There has been various vehicles pulled out of snowdrifts when their wheels have been spinning.

“But that’s just what you do in a village. People pull together.”

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