WATCH: Christmas tree goes up in flames as fire fighters warn of 12 dangers of Christmas


The twelve days of Christmas have been changed to the twelve dangers of Christmas in a festive safety twist by Cleveland Fire Brigade to help make people aware of seasonal hazards in the home.

Faulty fairy lights, candles, overloaded sockets, ovens full of grease, clothes on heaters and decorations are among those highlighted as potential triggers to spark fires.

Phil Lancaster, director of Community Protection at Cleveland Fire Brigade, said: “Christmas is a magical time of the year but it is also the time of year when there are more fire hazards in the home. Taking simple precautions like checking the lights on the tree, making sure candles are properly blown out and not putting too many plugs in sockets, can keep it that way. Don’t let your Christmas go up in flames.”

The warnings come with the launch of a national Fire Kills campaign video showing a Christmas tree catching fire and engulfing a living room in a shocking 46 seconds.

The 12 dangers are:

12) Electrical fires

11) Lungs of toxic smoke

10) Decorations burnt

9) Drunken midnight feast

8) Cigarettes in bed

7) Overloaded sockets

6) Candles not blown out

5) Broken smoke alarm (sung as Five Gold Rings)

4) Oven full of grease

3) No escape route

2) Clothes drying on the heater

1) ……and faulty fairy lights on the tree