WATCH: DFDS ferry breaks free from moorings at North Shields

The DFDS ferry, captured from South Shields.
The DFDS ferry, captured from South Shields.

Footage filmed from South Shields has shown the shocking moment that a ferry was blown from its moorings on the River Tyne.

Storm Clodagh battered the North East yesterday - and the strong winds led to an Amsterdam-bound ferry breaking free from its moorings.

The vessel, which was due to leave North Shields at 5pm on Sunday, arrived in the port behind schedule due to powerful gales in the North East.

Passengers were delayed while the ferry was made secure, and the weather conditions were assessed.

DFDS confirmed via Twitter this morning that the ferry, Princess Seaways, left shortly after 3am.

The tweet said: "Newcastle-Amsterdam: PRINCESS SEAWAYS departed from North Shields at 03:12 this morning. DFDS apologies for the delay in this service."

The region suffered with the weather yesterday as trees fell to the ground, windows became unsafe and Christmas celebrations were cancelled.