Watch for tell-tale signs of cancer

Queensway Dental Clinic staff have been getting behind National Smile MOnth
Queensway Dental Clinic staff have been getting behind National Smile MOnth

A DENTAL clinic has been raising awareness of mouth cancer during national month of action.

Queensway Dental Clinic in Billingham is supporting the Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign which has been running throughout November.

A key part of the campaign has been raising awareness among patients of the signs of mouth cancer and how good dental health can reduce chances of contracting the disease.

It is estimated that there are around 6,000 new cases a year of mouth cancer diagnosed in the UK.

Will Carter a partner a Queensway Dental Clinic said: “Every patient that has a check-up at Queensway receives a mouth cancer screening from their dentist but we would urge those who maybe don’t visit the dentist regularly or who have symptoms such as an unusual lump, an ulcer that has not healed within two weeks or swollen or red and white patches in the mouth to visit their dentist or GP immediately.

“The important message from mouth cancer action month is if in doubt, get checked out.

“Awareness and early detection really could save your life.”

Good advice is to look for any changes in your mouth when you brush your teeth as early diagnosis saves lives and gives suffers a 90 per cent chance of survival.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of campaign organisers the British Dental Health Foundation, said: “Three-quarters of cases are linked to tobacco and alcohol so it is important that smokers are encouraged to quit and alcohol is consumed in moderation.”