Watch: Huge spider trapped in Hartlepool + your creepy crawly photos

THIS video was sent in by reader Aimee Sharon after we reported how larger-than-normal spiders have been invading Hartlepool homes.

The four-inch long critter barely fits into the bottom of the jar it was caught in.

This was same size as my Samsung S5 screen

This was same size as my Samsung S5 screen

You have also sent us a host of photos of spiders running across your carpets and climbing up your curtains.

But do not fear! Despite their daunting appearance, they are actually male house spiders and are heading indoors as temperatures drop outside and we switch on the central heating.

It’s normal for them to head into our homes in September and they actually do a good job of killing a lot of the other creepy crawlies that we don’t like.

Their larger-than-normal size is apparently down to the warm summer, which has allowed the eight-legged animals to thrive and grow extra large.

Andy MacRae from Bishop Cuthbert

Andy MacRae from Bishop Cuthbert

Andy MacRae, from Bishop Cuthbert, was among those to send in photos.

He said the animal he caught under a plastic container was the size of his smartphone screen!

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