Watch out for new signs

Anchor Retail Park and Asda
Anchor Retail Park and Asda

PARKING bosses have cancelled the fines of four drivers after controversial restrictions were put in place.

 But motorists are being warned that no-one will be let off the hook from today.

Drivers who parked in Hartlepool’s Anchor Retail Park (pictured) and made their way over to Asda returned to find they had been given a penalty notice.

Eileen McCallum, 59, who was handed a £100 fine, said she had parked in the Anchor site before popping over to Asda on numerous occasions and could not believe it when she found a notice on her windscreen.

But parking chiefs say Asda is not part of the Anchor site and anyone wanting to use the supermarket should use its own car park.

Hartlepool Borough Council got in contact with UKCPS, the parking company in charge.

Because of concerns over signage the firm agreed to cancel the penalty notices of four drivers who parked in the retail site and walked to Asda.

A council spokesman said: “Although the company is not acting illegally, we spoke to them because of concerns about whether signage was clear enough and in the best locations.

“While they are not necessarily agreeing with us, as a gesture of good will the company decided to rescind the tickets at the time to people who left the site.”

But signs were put up in the car park yesterday and from today anyone who parks and walks into Asda or off site will be slapped with a penalty notice.

Jim Whitehead, operations manager at UKCPS, said: “We agreed to cancel the notices of four drivers who parked in the site and walked to Asda.

“Three of those people have been in touch but one is still outstanding. The signs are now in place and all parking notices that are issued will stand.”

Mr Whitehead previously told the Mail the zebra crossing on the road between Asda and Anchor’s car park is a health and safety measure and is not there to join the sites.