Watch the dramatic footage of two men trying to ram police officers off a bridge

Police have released dramatic footage of two men trying to ram officers off a bridge on Teesside.

The pair rammed the police car on the A19 Tees flyover and thankfully the barrier stopped officers plunging over the edge.

The remains of the police car which was saved by the safety barrier.

The remains of the police car which was saved by the safety barrier.

Today, 28-year-old Terence Smith of Fransham Road, Middlesbrough, was sentenced to nine years and seven months in prison for robbery and deliberately driving into a police vehicle in an attempt to escape from officers.

His passenger, 26-year-old Dale Carter of Linmoor Avenue, Middlesbrough, was sentenced to 42 months in prison for committing a robbery earlier the same day, Friday, December 22 2017.

The pair robbed a 51-year-old woman after following her from a cash point in Guisborough. She was dragged to the floor during the incident and had her handbag stolen containing cash, bank cards and her phone.

Smith and Carter made off from police across the A19 Tees flyover later that evening, and rammed the police car, leaving two officers injured and affected psychologically. Thankfully, a crash barrier stopped their vehicle from plunging 66ft over the edge of the bridge onto waste ground below.

The dramatic footage of the incident and photographs of the damage show the trail of devastation left behind.

Chief Inspector Graham Milne, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “As police officers the public would rightly expect us to protect them, which is ultimately what we join the police service to do, however, we all expect to go to work and return home to our families at the end of each day.

“This incident could have ended tragically, at the hands of two men who desperately wanted to escape police after committing a robbery earlier in the day. Police officers are human and have families waiting for them at home just like everyone else.

“I would like to praise the two officers involved for their incredible bravery, and I would hope that the sentences handed down today stand as a warning to anyone who thinks it is acceptable to try to escape justice.”