Water leak leads to road closure

The hole in the road in King Oswy Drive. Picture By FRANK REID
The hole in the road in King Oswy Drive. Picture By FRANK REID

MOTORISTS had to deal with a closure on a busy town road for the third consecutive day today.

A section of King Oswy Drive, in Hartlepool has been closed since Wednesday.

A gully in the side of the road next to the kerb had overflowed causing a leak into the land.

Workers had to dig up part of the road so they could service the damaged water system.

As a consequence, part of King Oswy Drive between Tempest Road and Joyce Road was forced to close.

The stretch was originally expected to re-open as normal this morning but Hartlepool Borough Council workers didn’t finish repairs yesterday so work has continued.

Council bosses said they hope to have the road open at least partially by tea time today but warned that temporary traffic lights may be in use.

The road closure has caused problems for parents on the school run.

A number of primary schools are situated on the busy road and the closure has caused a number of delays in the morning and again on afternoons.

Parents will be hoping the repairs are complete and the road fully open by the beginning of next week to avoid any more delays.

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “A problem with the gully at the side of the road resulted with a leak into the land.

“Workers had to get underneath the road to access the problem, which caused the closure.

“Workers are hopeful that the road is at least partially open by tea time tonight.

“We apologise for any inconvenience which has been caused.”