Water way to make a difference

Richard Eddowes measuring out water at the Summerhill event
Richard Eddowes measuring out water at the Summerhill event

FAMILIES tried not to make a splash at a fun event organised to highlight the daily struggle cased by a shortage of clean water in the Third World.

People of all ages turned out at Summerhill Country Park, off Catcote Road, Hartlepool, to take part in an obstacle course with a difference.

Participants had to carry a bucket of water and the winner was the person with the most water in their bucket at the end of the course.

The event was organised by the Hartlepool Fairtrade Town Steering Group, which wanted to raise awareness of the extreme efforts required from those in the Third World to get clean water.

Chris Eddowes, a member of the group, said: “Each of us use about 13 buckets of water every day while people in the Third World have to walk miles upon miles every day to get water.

“A lot of women have to walk back the full distance with the buckets on their heads weighing the equivalent of our luggage allowance when we go on holiday.

“Not only is it such a challenge for them to get the water, it also stops from children from accessing education because they are having to walk that distance most or every day.”

Mrs Eddowes was pleased with the turnout at Saturday’s event and said everyone appeared to enjoy themselves.

“It was something different and it was a success,” she added.

“We had lots of children with their parents which was nice and we also had a group from Catcote School who all really enjoyed the day.”

Mrs Eddowes thanked Water Aid who provided the buckets and prizes on the day.