'We are not enemies of the people': Hartlepool MP Mike Hill hits back at Theresa May Brexit 'blame'

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill says the Brexit crisis is 'entirely down to Theresa May's own making' after the Prime Minister appeared to blame MPs for its delays.

Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 1:43 pm
Updated Saturday, 23rd March 2019, 4:38 pm
Hartlepool MP Mike Hill

Mr Hill described the language used by Mrs May as even potentially putting MPs' safety at risk from extremists.

In a statement this week, Mrs May said she was on the British public's side in wanting to see an an end to Brexit.

She said: "You want this stage of the Brexit process to be over and done with. I agree. I am on your side. It is now time for MPs to decide.”

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The EU has agreed to extend the Brexit deadline until May 22 if MPs back Mrs May's deal next week. If not and no alternative plan is put forward the UK is set to leave the EU on April 12 instead of March 29.

Mr Hill said: "She presented the current crisis facing the nation as one made by Members of Parliament. This, from the Prime Minister who refused to consult MPs before the negotiations on the option that we would accept as many across all parties had wanted is deeply insulting.

"The Prime Minister repeatedly tried to prevent the House of Commons, the legitimate sovereign body of the United Kingdom, from having a say on Brexit at all."

He went on to criticise the language used by Mrs May in the light of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016 and threats he says that have been received by MPs of all parties and their staff.

M Hill, who is opposed to a second referendum, added: "The Prime Minister appeared yesterday to feed that rhetoric by presenting Members of Parliament as the enemies of the people.

"As I write this, many MPs will be reading the advice given to us by the Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle MP, which advises us not to travel alone, to make arrangements for the safety of our homes and families, and to inform the police of our intended movements while doing our constituency work.

"Theresa May’s language was dangerous."

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He said MPs were elected based on their promises at the general election and are not delegates for any particular group of people in their constituencies.

He continued: "I have so far kept to my promises from my election in 2017, which has at times led me to vote against my own party in the House of Commons. I do not expect everyone to like my choices, nor even respect them, but that should not reflect in the safety of my family and friends.

"An attack on an MP is an attack on British values and the United Kingdom as a whole."

Mr Hill has cancelled an Easter holiday to be present for the Brexit situation and reminded constituents they can contact him about any issue.

"British Parliamentary democracy is not dead, as the Prime Minister presented it," he said. "It is very much alive but we need to stop the violence now before another tragedy."