We’re ready for the final push

Rough Diamond rehearse for the final.
Rough Diamond rehearse for the final.

THE training has been relentless and they’ve put in more than 12 hours a day.

But Ruff Diamond are ready to do battle in the finals of Got To Dance. In their last interview before setting off for London, they told the Hartlepool Mail how every waking moment is spent in the studio, perfecting a brand new routine.

Ryan Wilson, 18, said: “We did a 16-hour session yesterday” adding it was only constant practice which helped to perfect the routines. “It takes months and months of steady training to get that tightness.”

The six-strong crew even went straight into training after a long train journey home to Hartlepool from the semi-finals. Lewis Cope, 17, said: “That is what we have to do. We have to do a new 90-second routine in the final.”

Aaron, 19, admits the new routine is a “total change” for the crew but they all agree hard work reaps its own rewards. Ryan Llewellyn, 18, admitted there’d been occasional minor injuries for every crew member as they push themselves towards perfection. But he added: “It is all part of the learning experience and Jason, 21, agreed: “You just get straight back up and do it again.”

Now that the finals are looming ever closer, Zac admits the intensity is growing.

He said“We are doing our best every day and not finishing until late at night and the crew is really digging deep.”

All of the boys are full of appreciation for the support they have received from the people of Hartlepool and the North East. “It’s been crazy,” said Zac, 21. He said the last week had been a mad mix of rehearsing, doing interviews for the media and filming for Sky, as well as trying to drum up public support.

The crew can only win Got To Dance if everyone votes for them.

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