Were you part of the Owton Manor television team?

Many of you may never have heard of the terms chunter or baddle.

Wednesday, 29th June 2016, 10:00 am
Some of the Owton Manor Junior School team.

Or how about Baddlewat?

Back in 1968, the students of Owton Manor Junior School in Hartlepool knew exactly what they meant.

The rest of the Owton Manor Junior School team.

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They were all terms used in the children’s television show Whistle Stop and the pupils were about to appear on it.

The programme was a quiz show for children which was shown on BBC TV at 4.55pm on a Friday.

Get a question right and you got a chunter. The team that got the most chunters with the baddle wins the game. Got it?

Five boys and five girls would represent each team and the Owton Manor students - who were Steven Winspear, Raymond Dunn, Steven Hutchinson, Peter Kelly, Paul Dovenor, Susan Ryder, Janette Short, Ann Attack, Sandra Foster and Janice Garrington - were said to be very excited about their visit.

The rest of the Owton Manor Junior School team.

But how did a Hartlepool team get to be chosen for a television show?

It seems that the school planned a visit to the studios to watch rehearsals of Whistle Stop and then got an invitation to take part themselves.

Steven Hutchinson, 11 of Kelvin Grove told the Northern Daily Mail in 1968: “The visit to London is alright but it will be nothing compared to being on television.”

This was a trip in the days when children’s television was filled with legendary shows such as Blue Peter, Tales from Overseas, Stingray, The Magic Roundabout and so much more.

Did the Hartlepool team win the contest and who were their opponents. Were you one of the team and did you shine at the BBC.

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