Were you there for the fab foam nights at the Wesley?

Ah the memories!

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 10:00 am
The foam party at the Wesley attracted hundreds of happy people. Were you one of them?

We asked you Memory Lane readers to cast their minds back to the era of Ibiza nights at the Wesley nightlub in Hartlepool in 2000.

And you did it in style with nearly 14,000 of you showing an interest in our post which we put up on social media.

Having fun at the Wesley.

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Of those who responded, more than 7,000 took a look at our video slideshow.

We shared photographs showing a packed crowd of revellers who are seen enjoying a foam party, similar to those pioneered on the holiday island of Ibiza.

And when we asked for your comments, dozens of you took the time to respond.

Leading the way was Thomas Dent who said: “People of today will never experience anything like a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night in the Wesley. Imagine just one more night tho, just imagine.”

Adam Whitehead gets our thanks for his response. He said: “So when we where young I kept being told that with age you get better. Lies utter lies. My prime in my eyes was forever lost when the curtains where condemned to scissors. Rip to the strength of owning your terrible hair choice. Lol.”

Rebecca Coates said: “Eee the days of no make up or hair straighteners x.”

Loads of you liked the slideshow of photographs including Sarah Natalie French, Sarah Sotheran, Nicola Smith, Leigh Marlbra, Joanne Donlan, David Kinnersley, Louise Lester, Jordan Allison, Micky Gray and Debbie West.

So did Graham Allen, Jordon Foster, Christine Adams, Jon Breeze, Paul Bage, Natalie Jayde Herbert and Sammie Wynn.

Lots more of you took time toleave comments and they included Kyle Taylor said: “Those were the days lol” while Jenson Stewart described the Wesley as the “best club in the world.”

Neil Douglass said: “How good were Ibiza nights” while Rachel Hodgson simply said: “Memories.”

Comments also came from Lynsey Middleton, Lee Jackson, Michael Pine, Danielle Gunner, Sam Filby, Leianne Alexander, Taffy Turner and Amy Blohm.

Others to like the post included Samantha Donely, Andrew Brady, Rachel Taylor, Georgia Thompson, Jackie Filby, Andrew William Watling and Sam Hood.

And thanks also to Haleigh Richardson, Amanda Kitching, Graeme Southward, Daley Walton and Vikki Windross.

Three of you loved it and they were Jen Gertrude Hutchinson, Michelle Hutchinson and Gary Cordock.

What are your memories of nights at the Wesley? Or do you have memories - and photos - of another nightclub that you would love to share.

Which nightclub was your favourite and why?

Or is there a pub, club or restaurant which you would prefer to reminisce on?

Maybe there’s another aspect of Hartlepool and East Durham nostalgia you would like to share. If, so, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch and tell us more by emailing [email protected]