Wet weather is a spoilsport for school children

HUNDREDS of primary school children were left disappointed after their annual sports days were cancelled due to the wet weather.

So far the summer has been a wash out with dark clouds and showers a more familiar sight on the Hartlepool skyline than blue sky and bright sunshine.

A knock-on consequence is that schools across Hartlepool have been forced to cancel their traditional sports day events because the playing fields are too wet and potentially dangerous.

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While some schools have managed to squeeze in an afternoon of sport, many have been forced to pull the plug.

In the past week Owton Manor Primary School, in Eskdale Road, St Joseph’s RC Primary School, in Musgrave Street and Kingsley Primary School, in Taybrooke Avenue, are among those to have cancelled their events.

Staff say pupils were disappointed but the weather was either too bad on the day or the field too wet.

Provisional figures from the Met Office showed that last month was the UK’s wettest June since records began in 1910.

Meanwhile, the period from April to June was the wettest recorded for the UK and the unsettled weather has carried on into July.

Lesley Johnson, school inclusion assistant at Owton Manor Primary School, said: “Our sports day had to be cancelled due to the weather.

“The grass was so wet it wouldn’t have been safe to run on.

“It should have taken place last Thursday but we cancelled on the Wednesday so that it wasn’t last minute for those that were coming along.

“As it turned out the weather was okay on the Thursday but the field was still too wet.”

It is the third year on the trot the sports day has been cancelled at Owton Manor due to the weather.

Lisa Allan, school administrator at St Joseph’s RC Primary School, said: “Thankfully we managed to hold an Olympic-themed sports day back in June but the traditional end of year event had to be cancelled due to the weather.

“It rained on the day and it had rained all weekend as well so it was too wet sadly.

“The sports day is something the children always look forward to so they were disappointed.”

Meanwhile, Kingsley Primary School was due to host its sports day last Friday until the wet weather made it impossible.

School secretary Heather Watson said: “It was down to the wet weather.

“We left it for as long as we could but it was still raining for most of the morning.

“We are trying to host a football tournament today but that is obviously weather dependent as well.”

Yesterday the weather in Hartlepool was dry but the wet weather was due to return today and remain until Thursday with temperatures struggling to get beyond 14C.

Friday is expected to be dry with a top temperature of 16C before showers are due to return to town by the weekend.

Ironically the weather is expected to get better once the school holidays begin next week.