What a load of rubbish: Council slammed after bins left overflowing

A GROUP of pensioners fear the area where they live could be turned into a health risk after bins were left overflowing following the recent council strike.

Staindale Place, off Taybrooke Avenue in Hartlepool, is a complex of 28 apartments for senior residents which is run by Anchor Homes.

Staindale Place resident Alan Brown (left) loading bin bags into his car with help from fellow resident Chris Watts.

Staindale Place resident Alan Brown (left) loading bin bags into his car with help from fellow resident Chris Watts.

Residents usually store their rubbish in household bins within their apartments before taking the bags to a communal area to dump them in industrial sized bins which are collected fornightly.

Because of the recent industrial action, the main bins were last emptied on June 26, and won’t be collected again until this Thursday.

For the last week, the packed bins have been taped off by complex bosses to prevent any more wasted being packed into them, and some residents have had to use their own cars to ferry bags of rubbish to the council’s waste centre at Burn Road.

Alan Brown, 67, who lives at the complex with wife Jennifer, 65, described the situation as “unacceptable” and has critcised the council for failing to respond to his pleas for help.

Alan, former chemical worker, said: “I have no problems with the strike, I fully understand the reasons behind it.

“But in an area like this where there are so many elderly residents, to have a situation where there are bags of rubbish piling up with a mixture of food waste, general rubbish and medical things such as incontinence pads has to be a health risk.”

To try and reduce the rubbish, Alan and other residents have used their own cars to make regular trips to Burn Road.

He added: “I couldn’t really see what other option there was other than to take it ourselves.

“Some of the residents are elderly and infirm, how can they be expected to shift bags of rubbish down to Burn Road? I have got sick of ringing the council, I’ve been passed from pillar to post without any answers from whoever I’ve spoken to.

“To have to wait a month to get bins collected is unacceptable. We pay our rates and I don’t think it’s wrong to expect a better service.”

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “Our Waste Management Team Leader has spoken directly to Mr Brown twice regarding his concerns.

“This was a national strike following a ballot of trades union members and the council shares people’s frustrations about the impact which it is having on some residents in the town.

“We did everything we could to alert residents in advance and we have urged people who have surplus waste that if they need to dispose of it before their next regular collection, they can do so at the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Burn Road.”

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