What are Hartlepool United looking for in a new manager? Craig Hignett reveals all

Hartlepool United have been swamped with applications for their vacant managerial post in the last 36 hours, following the sacking of Matthew Bates.

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 9:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th November 2018, 10:10 pm
Craig Hignett.

But what is it they are looking for from their new man?

Director of football and current caretaker reveals all, ahead of this weekend's National League clash with Dagenham.

"We all want experience of the league, experience of success, someone to work in our structure," he said speaking not only for himself, but chairman Raj Singh and chief executive Mark Maguire.

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"Someone to work with the players that we have here – no wholesale changes.

"The right character, not someone who has been round the block. Moving forward they have to work to our plan.

"And we don’t want to be changing all the time. It's an attractive club because off it we are as good as safe in this league. Let’s not change at the drop of a hat. We won’t be influenced by outside factors, we make them for the good of the club. We won’t let anyone sway us to their way."

Meanwhile, Hignett has revealed the exact reasons why Bates was given the boot on Wednesday.

Many have put it down to the Liam Noble incident, others to the drop in the Super 6 Stadium crowd. Hignett insists it was purely a football decision.

"Managers get judged on a number of things. Results is only a small part of that," he said.

"Things like, are the team improving, have we got a style of play, are the players improving, are the young players improving - all of those factors come into it, then results come on the end.

"We looked at the whole thing and had to make a decision. The chairman had the final stay."

And the caretaker, who will step back into his role of director of football after the appointment of a new manager, says he had a hands off approach when it came to footballing matters under Bates and it will continue that way in the future.

"I have tried to stay out the way. I have watched training a handful of times. I have met the new signings," he said.

"The football bit - is the job of the manager. If the manager wants help he can ask but I am mainly here to protect the chairman's investment."